Groom Construction offers a wide variety of services including Pre-Construction Consulting, General Contracting, Construction Management, and Design-Build Services.  Managing financial and scheduling expectations is a key element to the design and material selection process.


  • Budget development, including building plan and specification reviews
  • Comparative cost analysis and value engineering studies
  • Development of a construction management plan
  • Comprehensive scheduling services
  • Subcontractor pre-qualification and award process, including MBE/DBE requirements (if applicable)
  • Site specific quality and safety programs
  • Project administration, cost accounting and document control
  • Permitting and regulatory review
  • Ongoing operation plans with all equipment suppliers and vendors

Design-Build Services

  • Owner/Designer/Engineering/Contractor team development
  • Develop planning milestones
  • Early stage conceptual budgeting  and scheduling
  • Permitting

General Contracting

Groom is licensed and has performed business in over 35 states, and is capable of managing the process, from preconstruction to project closeout. Our management team, which is located at our corporate offices works on document control, accounting, budgeting and scheduling, while our field management team concentrates on the daily operations of the site, as well as managing the subcontractors for all trades. As the general contractor, Groom ensures that a project will be completed successfully, on time and on budget.

Construction Services

As the design work progresses and construction documents are prepared, we will begin to provide comprehensive construction management services for the construction phase. Our team will coordinate, manage and supervise construction to ensure that the project is safe and built in strict accordance with the contract documents. Through the use of subcontractors, suppliers, and our own professional team, we provide the necessary labor, materials, tools, equipment, temporary utilities and facilities necessary to complete construction.

The following represents the construction management services typically provided to our clients:

  • Assist the owner and architect in all phases of permit processing with State and Municipal Agencies
  • Coordinate project mobilization
  • Supervise all field subcontractors and trades
  • Conduct job site coordination meetings
  • Participate in client progress review meetings
  • Monitor and update the project schedule throughout the construction phase
  • Coordinate activities with equipment suppliers and vendors
  • Provide testing and inspection services
  • Enforce site-specific safety program
  • Prepare, maintain, and update the Project Schedule to reflect the planned and actual completion of the various phases of the work
  • Provide on-site project administration services, including cost accounting and document control
  • Prepare and issue monthly project status reports
  • Review and approve all progress payments including:
  • Verification that equipment/systems have been approved
  • Verification that materials/equipment have been delivered and/or installed in accordance with the contract documents
  • Verification that the percentage of work completed is accurate and reflects the appropriate balance of work to be completed
  • Coordinate and cooperate in the preparation, dissemination and completion of punch list work.
  • Assemble equipment operations and maintenance manuals, and assist in client training
  • Secure and transmit record documentation, including equipment warranties and guarantees to the client
  • Expedite project closeout and participate in commissioning activities
  • Prepare, assemble, and submit all required warranties, guarantees, and project closeout documents
  • Coordinate client move-in and building occupancy

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